Work Plan

Work plan

commitments & progress tracking

When it comes time to execution, the schedule is fed through a backlog of work in order of start date. The week prior, trades can use their mobile or tablet devices, along with the web application, to move cards to a committed status on the week’s Work Plan. 

Flows are meant to visualize the different dependencies activities have on one another. While it is easy to focus on construction sequence, activities often share the same workspace, labor, material or equipment. Flows allows for these conversations and the visualization of handoffs.


The following week, progress is tracked as trades, or the GC themselves, move cards to In Progress and Ready for Review. On these moves, dates, crew sizes and any material/equipment usage is captured. 

The Ready for Review column essentially becomes the GC’s Job-Walk backlog. The GC user can review information input by the subcontractor, along with comments or photos attached in order to confirm work has been completed. 

Should you choose to do so in the project’s Settings, Grit can send all manpower, deliveries, equipment, and material usage to populate Daily Logs within Procore. 

Explore the power of Grit
All parties can filter by Scope, Submittal, RFI, Material or Equipment making this a dynamic, explorable experience.
1, 3, and 6-week Lookaheads allow teams to focus on the near term. Filtering and search allow for enhanced analysis.
Connect Submittals and RFIs from Procore directly to activities, allowing live tracking of material and information procurement throughout the schedule.
Using Kanban Board or Flow views, Grit feeds your schedule through a backlog of work for commitments, starts and completions…
Import your BIM elements to connect to schedule activities to visualize and coordinate work areas and quantify resource usage.
Similar to 4D, teams can draw their workspace for each activity to visualize sequence and mitigate against congestion.