1, 3, & 6-week lookaheads

near term tasks, sorted by trade

Every contractor we have worked with before has had some concept of lookahead. Often this is just a date-filtered view of the Gantt chart, but also we find contractors will build these views using spreadsheets. 

The accuracy of these methods is varying, but one thing is for sure: They require immense manual work to create each week and even after it is created, they must be delivered to the rest of the project team via email or a drive.

Grit takes your schedule and automatically creates 1, 3 and 6 week lookaheads that always presents the current schedule:

Explore the power of grit
All parties can filter by Scope, Submittal, RFI, Material or Equipment making this a dynamic, explorable experience.
1, 3, and 6-week Lookaheads allow teams to focus on the near term. Filtering and search allow for enhanced analysis.
Connect Submittals and RFIs from Procore directly to activities, allowing live tracking of material and information procurement throughout the schedule.
Using Kanban Board or Flow views, Grit feeds your schedule through a backlog of work for commitments, starts and completions…
Import your BIM elements to connect to schedule activities to visualize and coordinate work areas and quantify resource usage.
Similar to 4D, teams can draw their workspace for each activity to visualize sequence and mitigate against congestion.